Friday, 13 October 2017

Alternative Server for CWCOM users

I have been in touch with a guy in Dakota, and he has kindly offered an alternative server for CWCOM users, if the current one should become unavailable. 

All you need to do, to access the new server, is this...

1. Open CWCOM as normal.  click on the "config icon" and select your keying method....

2. click on the world icon to open the "connect" window

3. in the      " Remote Details  "      panel ........   > "Address"     box,..... which normally shows click there,

clear all text and type in

4. click on Connect, as normal....

Note... you will not be able to contact anyone, unless they also are on the same server... so you must make sure that others are also connected to the "new" server, to ensure contact can be made... ( you should see their callsign/name on the "on channel" window, or the Ionosphere Current Users )...
you could do this by email, as a "practice run", with someone else.... 

Note also... that you must check, next time you "log in" to cwcom, that you are on the correct server... as this "new" server will now be the "default" unless you have changed it back to the original before closing last time... 

Note... the "new" server, will be available on the "drop down" menu arrow, so you only have to type it in once. 


Also available on the "alternative server" are the news channels for practice reception....  the channels are as follows ....

Ionosphere server

Channel Topic Speed (WPM)
200 News Headlines 12
201 News Headlines 15
202 News Headlines 20
203 News Headlines 25
204 News Headlines 30
220 Practice Words 15
221 Practice Words 25

Thanks to Robert B. Denny in Dakota. 

Thanks again, to Bob Denny in Dakota... for correcting the address for the alternative server !..
Error corrected on this page... so it should be "good to go" now... ( sorry for the error )