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Linux UBUNTU (& Linux MINT ) instructions to install cwcom

Linux UBUNTU 18.04 LTS instructions  - 

    how to install WINE and CWCOM 

                 This is also for 



Download CWCOM from


 Scroll down the page a bit,

 on the right hand side, 

 is a small window        "WINDOWS EXECUTABLE FILES"


    Click on the          Windows Executable   2 files,


 and then choose   1.5 ( latest & last version )

                or 1.47 (the earlier version.) 

Click "save" on the download window.. ( it will be saved to your Downloads Folder) 


Install WINE.......

Google search for your Linux Distro 

"How to install WINE on Linux xxxxxxxxx" and follow the instructions... You can copy and paste from the website page on to your terminal screen to avoid mistakes ! .

After the install has finished....

verify you have now got WINE installed,.... in the Terminal window... type 

wine --version      
it should return.   
 wine-5.0.3  (or whatever the latest version is ! ! !)


Now is the time to Install CWCOM.....  

.... go to the DOWNLOADS Folder 
open it.... right click on the cwcom_inst.exe file 
Open with Wine program loader.
You will get a Wine Update message window....
    and then another one 
mono installler   needs to add new software....
. click Install and 
another update message window... again
 another Gecko update message... click install ..
 and another update message! ! ..
Eventually, when they have all disappeared... ...
go back to the cwcom_inst.exe file and right click again.. open with Wine Program Loader..
and CWCOM installer should start.. go through the motions, and ...install it
On completion... close the Downloads folder..

To get CWCOM working, You now need to set the COMport number follows...


You need to run the wine regedit program to set the COM port number 

Using a terminal enter 

wine regedit
  When the editor appears, open the nodes and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE     Software         Wine             Ports


Right Click on "Ports" folder ..... 

                      context menu . > New


mouse pointer on "new"  >  
                     pop out menu >

 String value

 where ‘New Value`     is. ( in the right hand pane ) ...

. replace that with COM4     and press enter


Right click  or  double click on it    
Pop out menu  click "Modify"....and enter the value 



                             in the pop out box  "Value Data"


                                           then click OK 

Close the Regeditor..... (click X top right) 
then do the finalising part.......
------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT....

To Finalize....

Having added the new key to the registry,..... go back to the terminal, where you started editing... regedit... and enter

 wineserver -k    There is a space after wineserver    before the -k

close the registry window with the X in top right corner,

Wait for a few seconds  and  then close the Terminal 

 Now you need to get the "Dial Out" permissions

in the terminal window type

sudo usermod -a -G dialout zxywv    

 ( zxywv your user name )   (no brackets, just your username).
   then press  Enter key…
 may be requested. 

most important.......

NOW IS THE TIME ! ! ! ....

Right click on the CWCOM icon ( this may be a "document" type icon) 
on the desktop....(Once opened it becomes a proper icon) .
You may get a message saying it could be "unsafe"... 
but click ok anyway...  click  Open... 

CWCOM screen appears.....
click on the configurations icon  (Between the A and the speaker icon)
 If you have already managed to get an external key, 
straight or paddle connected
 select the comport number  (in the window showing 1 )
by the up/down arrow to 4 

select the COM port  by clicking on the "hole" 
and a black dot should appear....
If you have no key connected.. you can use the down arrow as a straight key,
make sure you have "Keyboard" selected with a black dot! 
Follow the instructions on Page 4 "how to connect an external morse key"
 Then, You can now use your external key connected to your computer.
See page 3 for all the settings and configurations 
well worth doing. as it improves the user feelgood factor ! ! ! ..

 Any problems... contact me G3MS on channel 1000 OR......
 use the contact me email address on page 2