Friday 28 April 2017

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Suggested Computer Screen layout for CWCOM

To help alleviate the problem of "blocking" on the "calling channel" ( default ) channel 1000, I suggested, on another page ( working procedures ).. that stations should try to qsy from channel 1000 so that other stations who join, have a chance to establish their own qso and shift to another channel.

obviously, if there are only two people on 1000 and the qso is short(ish).. then there should be no reason to qsy... however, stations that are using 1000 for a qso, should be aware of other stations joining cwcom, and wanting to, either join your qso, or establish another qso with other stations. This can be difficult, if the operating stations do not know, or notice, new stations.

Therefore I suggest that the main screen be "minimised" and adjusted to a smaller size, giving room at the side for the "WebView"  or  "current users" web page to be minimised and fitted into that space, along with the "on channel" window, in a space below the main screen... 


If you use a home made spreadsheet for a log, you can use part of the space below the main screen to locate it there, so that you can fill in details as a qso develops...


 ( you can also use the right hand side for the QRZ Contact list, mentioned on another page, keeping it beneath the "WebView"  or "current users" page. so that you can toggle between the two )

Here is a pic of how it looks...     

with a qrz list and a log

sheet below the main screen

If you just want to have the IONOSPHERE and CWCOM pages on screen, this is how it looks ...

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