Tuesday 31 December 2019

Corrupt copy on screen

NOTE..... THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SEEING TTT T TTT   TTTTTT TT   when you are first keying .... see PAGE 3 - SETTINGS AND CONFIGURATIONS regarding the TRANSMIT speed settings.

A new user reported to me that he was having problems with the decoding of his transmissions, on the screen, and replies received.  The corruption seemed to take the form of missing a letter in a word, then moving on and then missing several words before coming back again into print.

If this happens on the receive only side, then it would be assumed that the internet connection at either operator`s end, could be breaking down... however, as it also appears in the "local" screen on the "local" transmit, it may be due to a corrupt copy of CWCOM.

You can try to uninstall it.... in the usual way...depending on your operating system, ( in the case above, it was on Windows 7 ).

Once uninstalled, on a windows system, you can try using CCleaner, as a "Registry Cleaner" to clear away the loose ends.

After doing that a couple of times.... 

download a new copy of CWCOM from this instruction.... 

 Scroll down the page a bit,on the right hand side, 
 is a small window        "WINDOWS EXECUTABLE FILES"
    Click on the          Windows Executable   2 files,
 and then choose   1.5 ( latest & last version )
                or 1.47 (the earlier version.) 
 re-install it, and go through the configuration FIRST RUN settings on this page....

hopefully, after all that... everything will be good to go again....

If you are still having problems of corruption ( apart from badly formed keying ! ! ) ... then there may be some hidden files still on the hard drive. and these must be removed..... 

at this stage  the uninstall and CCleaner Reg Cleaner has failed... so you need to be a bit bold... and try this...

This is from David / K2JVB   who found the problem ! ! .. 

CCleaner did not remove them.
       Using the CWCom installer Remove feature did not remove them. 
             Deleting the Folder MRX in the Programs (x86) folder did not remove them
                 Doing a search (of the hard drive from the command box above "START" ) ..did not locate them!

What I had to do was to go to an 
Administrator Command Prompt,
 go to the 
Root directory and do a search for    dir morse*.* /a/s.
These are the files and their location on my computer:

C:\Users\dpenner\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\MRX 
Software\CWCom>dir /a

 Volume in drive C has no label.

 Volume Serial Number is 8A87-D106

 Directory of C:\Users\dpenner\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files 
(x86)\MRX Software\CWCom

12/31/2019  07:39 AM    <DIR>          .

12/31/2019  07:39 AM    <DIR>          ..

12/31/2019  07:39 AM             1,621 CWCOM.CFG

12/30/2019  09:41 AM           214,354 Morse-001.lib

12/26/2019  09:03 PM           214,354 Morse-Original.lib

12/31/2019  07:05 AM           214,354 Morse.lib

               4 File(s)        644,683 bytes

               2 Dir(s)  108,278,972,416 bytes free

C:\Users\dpenner\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\MRX 
Once you have found them,... you need to delete them... or, if you have an "erase" program that will overwrite the files... even better.. ! Erase them . 
Then it is back to basics... download a new copy of CWCOM as instructed above, and start again ! ..
Good Luck..